Social Enterprise

We believe that business can create positive social impact

Anhart is a network of community contribution companies (C3s) that are controlled by a charity, Anhart Community Housing Society. The C3 is a hybrid corporate model in British Columbia designed to bridge the gap between for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. Anhart’s C3s were founded to develop, construct and operate affordable housing, and the society ensures that they serve the needs of beneficiaries and not just the bottom line of profit.

We have seen how businesses can directly create positive social impact through our Community Champions program, in which local construction professionals provide discounts on their services to support affordable housing. Their efforts can help to solve our housing crisis.

Social enterprise is also the heart of the Anhart Global Villages program, which operates in countries of low GDP. Working with local leaders, Anhart invests in community-based organizations that develop small businesses and build health clinics and schools.

Anhart Community Housing

Anhart Community Housing

Providing housing and building community for those at risk of homelessness

Anhart Global Villages

Anhart global villages

Investing in small business and community infrastructure

Anhart Rebuild

Anhart Rebuild

Repairing and maintaining buildings to support affordable housing

Can your business help build affordable housing?

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