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Community Champions

When we started building our first project in Hope, B.C., we tried out an unconventional idea. Would local business owners and professionals give us a discount on construction services and materials to support affordable housing in their community? We asked and they said yes. We call these businesses Community Champions, and we tell their stories on our website and social media channels. They help us to lower rents for individuals and families who need affordable housing, and they prove that Canadian communities can solve this housing crisis.

What we do

Anhart Construction is a community contribution company created by Anhart Homes in January 2019. Its purpose is to reduce construction management costs for Anhart’s projects through the Community Champions program, and its goal is to become a qualified construction company within five years.

Initially, we are acting as Anhart Homes’ representative, managing the construction of affordable housing projects with third-party support from qualified construction companies. Within five years, Anhart Construction will assume all building responsibilities. We plan to construct 13 buildings with 530 homes across Canada by 2023 with a focus on safety and quality, keeping projects on budget and on time. A sustainable growth model will generate profits that we can reinvest in new social housing.

Construction projects

The following are Anhart Construction’s housing projects:

  • Anhart Village Main: Anhart Homes has submitted an application to the City of Vancouver for a development permit for a six-storey, 70-unit microsuite building on this vacant lot.
  • Anhart Village Hope: this is a collection of five properties on Scott Drive and Ryder Street that are already zoned for multi-family development, for a potential total of 130 affordable homes. The Ryder, 40 units of affordable housing, is in construction and expected to be complete in spring 2020.
  • Anhart Village Merritt: Anhart Homes is exploring plans for this vacant two-acre property at 3757 De Wolf Way, which is currently zoned for 70 units.

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