Repairing and maintaining buildings to support affordable housing

What we do

Rebuild Construction CCC Ltd. began in 2016 as a renovation and building maintenance company focused on projects in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. In 2019 it was relaunched with an expanded mandate to support Anhart’s affordable housing program. It would renovate, maintain and preserve places where people live, saving costs and recycling building materials. It would also be a hub for social employment—helping people rebuild their lives. 


Anhart Homes’ first housing development is at 1270 Ryder Street in Hope, B.C., on which site was previously a funeral home. In 2019 Rebuild worked with a local contractor to take down the building and recycle various components and materials including doors, windows and wood. 

Rebuild also helps to repair and restore The Dodson, Anhart Community Housing’s flagship century-old residential building at 25 E Hastings St., Vancouver. Rebuild’s cost-efficient project management allows Anhart to maintain existing housing without displacing tenants or raising rents. 

Community Champions

Rebuild works with local business owners and professionals who offer a discount on construction services and materials to support affordable housing projects. We call these businesses Community Champions, and we tell their stories on our website and social media channels. They help us to lower rents for individuals and families who need adequate and affordable homes, and they prove that Canadians can help to solve the housing crisis. 

About Anhart network

Anhart Homes is a community contribution company that develops affordable housing projects. It works closely with Anhart Community Housing Society, a charity which has owned and operated housing for people of low income since 2002. 

Through these two entities, we are scaling our privately developed affordable housing model with the help of social impact investors, local companies in the construction industry, government officials and agencies, and citizens. We currently have 250 affordable homes in design and development across B.C. 

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