What is Anhart

Anhart builds self-sufficient communities through affordable housing in Canada and by providing access to small-business loans, education, skills training and health services in global areas of poverty.

Anhart is a global network of charities, community contribution companies and community-based organizations dedicated to bottom-up and decentralized development of affordable housing, social enterprise, village clinics and schools, pay-forward micro-credit programs and collective farms. 

Anhart Community Housing Society (ACHS) is a Canadian charity that focuses on owning and operating rental housing for people with low incomes. It originated in 2002 in Vancouver, BC, with a partnership of community developers and social impact investors. In 2017, a community contribution company called Anhart Homes was created to be the development arm of the network. With an experienced team of consultants and dedicated staff, Anhart is working to develop, construct and operate 20,000 affordable homes in every Canadian province and territory by 2030.

Sustainable Villages is a program operated by ACHS that provides access to mentorship, micro-credit and grants to community-based organizations for small business development and community infrastructure.